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I changed my username. I've been wanting to for a while, and now seemed the appropriate time. (If you go directly to venufan.livejournal.com it won't redirect you, by the way.)

I've been home. Seen a few friends. Went to the doctor. He told me to exercise. My German final went fine. Just checked my grades online. Three A's, one B, and a C+. As predicted, but I was still hoping that Greek History would pull through with a B-.

Shrug, I'm in a bad mood. Wearing a great sweater, though. Re-watching season two of Grey's Anatomy. I'll probably feel better in a while, I guess. I just need comfort, which I won't find here.

Just. Want comfort.
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The two things I tend to miss most, other than my mother, about being home are 1) sitting on a couch, and 2) two-ply toilet paper.

It's the final stretch of the semester, as there are only five days left of classes counting today. Today I only have my Math discussion period (11:45), but I also have two online assessments to do. It was nice to wake up naturally today.

I only have one final (German), and it isn't until the thirteenth, but I have four regular tests next week. Math on Tuesday night, then German, Geography, and Greek History on Wednesday. Should be pretty miserable, we'll see how it goes.

We decorated for Christmas, want to see?

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Also, because Thanksgiving was last week.

Things for Which I am Thankful:

1. George.
2. Attending the eighth best public university in the country.
3. Not having to pay tuition at said university.
4. Not having to live with people I hate.
5. My little brother who claims he will not get older and think he's too cool to play with me.

Shrug, this is a pretty good top five. These are the types of things I am thankful for, you get the point. I'd add prescription sunglasses to the list if I wasn't trying to avoid material items.

Thanks for being my friends, guys. (:
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I've been kind of sick this week, which has resulted in a COMPLETE lack of motivation to do anything productive at all. /= Which I feel really guilty about.

Carl went to the Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake show on Monday and got himself a black eye in the pit. DON'T TELL MOM. He bought me a tshirt.

I got back to school Monday night and only went to one class on Tuesday. Today I slept through my Math lecture and woke up at 9:45. I'm supposed to be making up a Greek History quiz right now, but studying turned into reading ONTD.

This is the least studious I think I've ever been in my life. ):

But I'm really going to get back into the swing of things next week. I'm going to Orange Park again this weekend to go see A Midsummer Night's Dream on the old home turf. (We're going to go ahead and pretend that I haven't gone home every weekend in November, mkayz?)

And I have to study for two GH quizzes and a German test Monday and catch up in Math since I haven't been to the past two lectures, nor have I done homework for like four lectures?!

I should probably clean at some point as well. My area looks pretty bad. And not even in the I'vebeendoingtonsofhomework way that it did previously, but in the waterbottlesandclothesandneedtowashdishes way. I also need to do towel laundry.

So, MUST STUDY AND NOT BE CRAPPY NEXT WEEK. Right. Cleaning now. Class at four o'clock. Thumbsup.

(P.S.: I got a fortune cookie today that said, "The weather is wonderful." This tells me nothing about the status of my future.)
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School is going all right now. I got caught up in what I needed to catch up in, and I think my grades are pretty good. It looks like it's going to be four A's and one C.

The picture from my previous post was just before a math test. I'm currently taking MGF1106, Math for the Liberal Arts Majors. It's cool, right? I took Calculus in high school and did well, so everything should be awesome. OH WAIT, except this class is everything I hated about calculus. Statistics and combinations and permutations and standard deviations, ugh. I think the worst is over, though, because we just did a section about graphing linear equations, and I did that in like third grade.

The only class that is currently testing my nerves is Greek History, because we have these quizzes about every week, which in the end account for 60% of the final grade. And for some reason I just don't do well on them. /= I think I've gotten a ninety or eighty maybe three times, and the rest have been rather terrible. I'm honestly just really bad at history classes, I don't know why I thought this would be different.

"But, Diana! History classes are just memorization! It's eaaaasy!"

This would be the part where I would PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE, because I'm sick of hearing that. One does not understand being bad at history if he or she is good at history. Stupid.

German, however, I am still really owning. I've gotten A's on all the tests, despite the fact that I embarrass myself aloud in class regularly (I clearly learn better through writing).

Last Thursday I pulled a hangnail, and ever since I've had a whopping bit of paronychia. If it doesn't clear up soon I'm going to have to go to the campus infirmary, because I'd really rather my finger didn't fall off, and its purplish hue continues to make me nervous.

The weather's been chilly, which is nice, as I really enjoy not sweating. Plus I have a dynamite green pea coat.

Why did no one inform me that hazelnut-flavored coffee, unlike regular, does not taste like death?

And I think that's it. Have a great day, guys. Thumbsup.
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Life is kind of kicking my butt at the moment.

Edit: I just spent the past few minutes poking at my screen trying to remove a black speck of dirt that turned out to be the webcam on my computer in the photo. Facepalm.
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I've been pretty busy, I guess.

School is hard, but I like it. Have been doing loads of homework as of recently, and I'm really glad I got some nicer headphones due to the fondness that a certain person that I might live with may have for watching television twenty-fourhoursaday.

I'm really getting into and enjoying German recently. I had a test yesterday, and (apparently college has a fast test turnaround time) I got a ninety-two that I am incessantly proud of and hung on our mini-fridge.

It's really rather hilarious how much the Germans love compound words. For example, the number 4,329. We say four thousand three hundred twenty-nine, in German it's viertausenddreihundertneunundzwanzig. That's vier-tausend-drei-hundert-neun-und-zwanzig, all one word. Crazy!

Right, so German is terribly fascinating, and I love languages. If anybody has any music in German that they'd be willing to share, throw me a comment, because I need to get better at listening! The dictation portion of the test was my downfall. I bought two albums with George the other day, but one of them ended up being completely instrumental, which was just silly.

My math class is a little ridiculous. /= In lecture on Friday we went over long division, and today we looked at terminating/repeating decimals.

I'm starting to eat meat again, which is kind of weird. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. My options are rather limited at the dining halls, what with my inability to properly digest cream/dairy products, so I've been trying to taste around to see what I could maybe possibly tolerate, as the two-omelets-a-day diet is really growing tiresome, despite my love for breakfast. But I think I like turkey, I had a TLT (I really hope this is a real term) sandwich today. And I continue to pilfer two to three bananas each time I make the trip. (:

Nothing else new, really. Very busy, lots of homework, eating meat, loving German. Thumbsup.

OH WAIT, except I'm getting a new computer. Lionel's youthful vigor is dwindling, and he tends to need a nap after only twenty to thirty minutes of use, which is not helpful to me when I am in Greek History and my professor goes through the material so quickly that even when I'm typing I miss things. My dad's going to see what he can do to fix him, since we believe that he is still under warranty, but I can't exactly not have a computer while he's being mended.

I'm getting a MacBook, which is actually already at my house, but I am not at my house, so I do not have it. Carl and I are driving home this weekend for this reason, and also because I am actually rather homesick after not seeing my mom for like three weeks. But yes, her name is Aubergine. ((: I'm quite excited.

Homework now! Geography (in a Changing World) test tomorrow.
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Disney World with my family was pretty fun. They're a pretty great bunch.

So, this week has been rather frustrating. Sleeping in, forgotten quizzes, etc. Stupid stuff that I could've avoided, it's my own fault. I kind of didn't do any homework at all this weekend while I was home/out of town, so it set me all off balance.

I finished Middlesex yesterday--only took me about a year after George lent it to me. A+ book.

Having finished said book, I wanted to get new books to read, so I looked up a few things on the UF Libraries website, and decided my next venture would be Feed by M.T. Anderson, located in the Norman Library, and it only made sense that I would go to said library after my class in Norman Hall this morning.

However, the library lady was A JERK, and wouldn't help me find some PZ section. The organization there is so weird. ): I didn't understand it at all, and she just made me feel stupid, which I probably am. ))): I wish she would've just walked with me to find it so she would know I wasn't an idiot.

Also: Walking from the library to my next class I had to cross a main road, and old men with long beards whistled at me.

After these assorted lame events, I walked to the Reitz Union to eat Subway and buy books. Twelve inches of tuna salad and Guy Deutscher's The Unfolding of Language later, I'm in a better mood.

So, thumbsup.

(My fondness of that film Stardust also tricked me into buying Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett. Just saying.)
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First week of classes is over. Everything is fine, just a lot of work. I'm currently back in Orange Park, which is nice. (: I like my mom.

Especially after the day I had yesterday. /= It was mostly frustrating because I woke up late and couldn't eat/drink before class, and I was extremely thirsty, and TO SAVE MY FREAKING LIFE I could not find a Gatorade machine with a card slider. At the University of Florida, I could not find a Gatorade machine. ): Wtf. Then everything went downhill from there.

But anyway, it was okay when I got home, because I really like my family. And apparently my mom got a new minivan. She'd smelled gas while driving, took it to the dealer, and they found a billion things wrong with it, and since we've had it for like six or seven years my dad told her to get a new one. It's really nice, and navy blue.

We went to dinner and whatnot, did family stuff. I went to bed only to find that I actually somehow prefer my bed at the dorm. Which really struck me as odd, but I had a hard time falling asleep, despite exhaustion.

Woke up this morning at around six thirty, since that's kind of the time I've been getting up most days. Read for about an hour or so, then got up and did Carl's and my laundry. Now I'm watching that stupid Prom Queen thing on YouTube and hating that English girl's face, mostly because I don't have any Brotherhood 2.0 left to watch, and my external hard drive is at school.

We're going to Disney World today and spending the night for my mom's birthday (she ended up getting Disney World and a new van). I kind of have work to do, so I really probably should be studying instead of watching YouTube.

Also: Just a sidenote, it was nice to shower this morning in a real shower. Instead of, you know, a stall that is probably half the size of an airplane lavatory.
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I moved into the dorms on Saturday. I probably would've updated earlier, but the Internet has gone in and out since I've been here. Mostly out, really. Plus we have three people and two Internet jacks, which isn't a fun game. Our room is really nice, though, we don't feel crowded at all, and we've been pretty clean. We just have an overflowing recycling bin (I love grape soda), as we haven't figured out where to take that yet.

Move-in went well overall. I didn't forget that much, or at least not as much as my roommates did. We all went home on Tuesday anyway, so I did a load of laundry and picked up the stuff that I'd forgotten, which wasn't big stuff anyway. Some yarn and some t-shirts and whatnot.

We've spent a lot of our first week sitting around, as classes didn't start until yesterday. I haven't gotten lost yet, which is really nice, and I think I'm starting to know my way around. Katie and I have trekked to all the off-campus bookstores, and today I had to go to a copy shop to pick up a few course packs. Walking isn't bad, I'm really liking it.

I have five classes (Beginning German I, Math for the Liberal Arts, Wildlife Issues, Geography in a Changing World, and Glory that was Greece), spread over four buildings, and I've been to all of them already. (: I really like going to class, and I'm extremely excited about German (despite the fact that the textbooks were $180).

Otherwise nothing really big has happened, just laid back stuff. Between classes I read at the library or if I have more than an hour and a half or so I go back to our room and read.

I'll post pictures at some point. I forgot my memory card reader in my mom's van when she drove me back on Tuesday night.
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